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01 Eggheads
      Make an Egg-citing Personality With Living, Green Hair With This Simple Seed-Starting Project
02 Indoor Seed-Starting: A How-To Checklist
      It's Simple, Money-Saving and Fun!
03 Indoor Grow Lights
      The Lowly Fluorescent Shoplight In the Spotlight
04 Seed and Plant Selection
      Start With 10 Plants: Keep It Simple, Silly
05 Paper Egg Carton Seed-Starting
      Eggs-Actly Right For Young Environmentalists, Since the Paper Is Biodegradable
06 Toilet Paper Tube Seed-Starting Pots
      Oh, the Many Uses of the Recyclable T.P. Tube!
07 Seed Tapes
      Here's a Cheap, Easy Way to Help Kids Plant Their Seeds Exactly Where They Want Them to Grow
08 Seed-Starting Heat Mats
      When the Seeds Won't Sprout, Bring On the Heat!
09 Greenhouse in a Bottle
      Recycled Soda Pop Bottle Makes an Economical Seed-Starting Habitat
10 Growing Herbs in a Bag
      Kids Love a Bird's-Eye View of the Seed Sprouting That's Usually Hidden in Soil
11 Sowing Calendar
      An Ordinary Wall Calendar Can Really Help You Plan Your Seed-Starting Adventures
12 Seedballs
      OK, Kids, You CAN Throw Dirt Clods -- Under Supervision, and If There Are Flower Seeds In 'Em
13 Newspaper Pots
      Recycle Old Newspapers Into "Green" Pots for Plants -- Garden Thrift Makes News!
14 Sweet Potato Slips
      Sweeeeeet! Half a "Mother" Sweet Potato, Water, Jar = Baby Plants!
15 Wildflower Seed-Saving
      Separating the Seeds From the Chaff
18 Rooting Cuttings in Water
      For the DIRT CHEAP Gardener, This is a Great Way to Get Free Plants
19 Forcing Bulbs
      Foresight in November Leads to Glorious Indoor Blossoms in Early Spring
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