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01 Why Have a Garden?
      Explore the Web of Life Before You Dig In
02 How to Start a Kids' Garden
      Key Pointers For the Organizer, Including the All-Important Garden Notebook
03 Counting the Cost
      Devising a Budget, and Asking Parents to Donate or Loan Tools and Supplies
04 Fund-Raising
      Making Your Club a Good Lesson in Economics, Too
05 Youth Garden Club Parent Permission Form
      Flier and Permission Form Start Your Club Off With a Professional Touch
06 Choosing a Garden Site
      Location, Sun, Soil: There's a Lot to Think About
07 Garden Design
      Let the Kids Brainstorm a 'Dreamscape'
08 Site Preparation
      Hard Work in the Beginning Pays Off Big Time in the End
09 The All-Important Garden Soil
      A Few Experiments to Get the Dirt on Dirt
10 Doctoring Your Soil: Testing pH With a Kit, or With Red Cabbage
      Diagnose Your Soil's Condition, and Supply an Rx With the Right Soil Amendments
11 The Good W.O.R.D. in Gardening
      Wide Rows, Organic Methods, Raised Beds, and Deep Soil
12 Beginner's Luck: The Lasagna Garden
      Kids Love the No-Fuss Layers, and Plants Love the Loose, Fertile Soil
13 Plant Selection: Kids' Favorites
      Let the Students Pick What to Grow, and the Fascination Will Be Endless
14 Garden Buddies: Companion Planting
      Some Plants, Like Some People, Grow Better Together
15 Spacing: Paper Towel Seed Mats
      An Orderly Planting System Is Kid-Friendly and Fun
16 No-Brainer Garden Plan
      Overwhelmed With All There Is to Know? Let the Pros Do It!
17 Crop Plan & Successive Planting
      These Techniques, With Crop Rotation, Let You Get the Most Out of Your Space
18 Square Foot Grid Garden
      For the Highly Organized . . . a Way For Each Student to Point to His or Her Plants
19 Sweat Equity For Free Plants
      A Little Work -- Dividing Perennials for a Neighbor -- Will Doubtlessly Lead to Freebies You Can Use or Sell
20 Find Your Gardening Weather Zone
      To Set Planting Dates and Pick the Right Plants, You Have to Be 'In the Zone'
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