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01 Safety Is Job One
      Preventing Accidents Is Caring For Yourself and Others
02 Soil Safety
      Detecting Lead Contamination
03 Soil Texture
      Sticky Clay? Gritty Sand? Smooth Silt? Texture Affects How Your Plants Will Grow
04 Let's Eat Dirt! (Not Really!)
      What's In the Soil?
05 Soil Testing
      Finding and Adjusting Your Soil's pH
06 Soil Testing -- Nutritional Needs
      Baseball Fans Know RBI's . . . . Football Fans Know About PAT's . . . But Gardeners Know the Chemical NPK!!!
07 Garden Tools
      Cultivator, Trowel, Hoe, Spade . . . They're the Tools of the Trade
08 Rain Gauge
      The Incredibly Simple Way to Ensure a Sufficient Water Supply
09 Watering Practices
      Water You Waiting For? Here's How to Water Well
10 Watering Calendar
      Teach Gardeners Responsibility and Accountability, Skills That Will Take Them Far Beyond the Garden
11 'Green' Watering
      Techniques That Conserve Water, and Yet Meet Your Garden's Thirst
12 Perennials: Spring and Fall Chores
      Easy Care Flowers With Maximum Impact Are Real Kid Pleasers
13 Creating a Beautiful Fall Chrysanthemum Show
      Easy, Colorful Flowers Require One Bit of Attention Each Month
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